chelation therapyTo keep it simple, the process of chelation therapy is for the removal of heavy metals like lead and mercury from the system. It works by circulating a solution through the bloodstream and can also be used to remove calcium buildup in the arteries.

Below Is an Extensive List of Benefits of the Therapy

  1. Reduce the effect of aging and increased energy – The process can add to the life of the patient and raise the levels of nitrous oxide in the blood to stimulate the growth of beneficial stem cells.
  2. Noticeable cosmetic changes – You can count on fuller healthier hair and a more alive look. The nails and teeth will look better as well as you will notice a more healthy skin color and texture. Wrinkles are noticeably reduced and the overall appearance will improve.
  3. Improved Senses – This means clearer vision, stronger sense of smell, more sensitive touch, and better hearing as well a fuller taste from food. The process has also been linked to improvement in cataracts after surgery as well as the fight against diabetes.
  4. Helps to soften the arteries – Helps to eliminate the buildup of free radicals in the blood stream and reduce chest pain as well improve heart conditions and the overall health of the entire cardiovascular system.
  5. Produces a strong antibiotic type effect in the body – Has a very strong effect on several bacteria.
  6. Acts as an anti-candida – helps to eliminate fungal residents from the body. Many are hard to remove because of their interaction with heavy metals found in the body, and once they are removed it’s much easier to get rid of the fungus.
  7. Known to restore the healthy absorption of mineral and nutrients – Especially many of the metallic elements which are considered to be essential to a healthy life.
  8. Helps to rebalance the natural hormones in the body – Possibly can be used to completely eradicate the need for hormone replacement treatment of all kinds. And help to create the healthy distribution of mineral and vitamins in the body as many don’t function correctly if the hormones are not in balance anymore.
  9. Helps in the treatment of Diabetes – Can lower the insulin requirements and helps fight any infections which may have occurred and alleviate the symptoms of gangrene.
  10. Good for cramps – Has shown to reduce the effects of muscular cramps.
  11. Helps to maintain healthy weight 
  12. Psychological improvements are shown – This includes anxiety and stress as well as depression.
  13. Shown to help with aches – Pains related to arthritis as well as the prevention of osteoarthritis.
  14. Improves organ functions – Organs like the kidney are shown to work better and can help to reduce varicose veins.
  15. Helps patients suffering from cold extremities – Patients known to suffer from cold appendages report an increase in body temperature.

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