lose_fat_not_muscle_pierceclinicWelcome to Pierce Medical! We’re glad you too the time to read our blog.
While we have several services, our weight loss programs are what we are known for. And this time of year is when most people resolve to shed some pounds.
We have several weight loss programs to fit your physical needs and schedule. Really, no plan fits everyone. We tailor your program to fit you, your physical makeup and your overall health needs.
Most programs that people try allow you to eat too many carbohydrates. What they don’t realize is that protein and muscle burn fat. The more protein you have, the more muscle you will retain, the more fat you will lose. Our aim is to burn fat, not muscle!

Here’s how we determine what’s best for you:

1. Determine your BMR, “Basal Metabolic Rate”, which is the amount of energy you expend. We will do a body analysis to determine the exact calories you should have in order to burn the maximum amount of fat each day.
2. Determine the type of weight loss program that will work for you. You may not be motivated for certain programs so in meeting with you, we talk about the kind of program that will keep you motivated for the long-term.
3. Meet with you on a regular basis to help keep you accountable. We find that our patients are the most successful when someone expects them to maintain the weight loss program when they aren’t in the office.
3. Do moderate exercise on a regular basis. Maintaining the body’s lean muscle mass and burning calories can be accomplished by getting the heart rate up. It doesn’t have to be intense but you should be able to feel as if you need to increase your oxygen intake. The more oxygen you bring in, the more your body can burn the fat. Moving for each person is different depending on the amount you have already been moving. If you already walk, increase the speed and intensity. If you haven’t done anything but sit on the couch, just walking a few minutes a day to start out will increase your metabolism. Just increase your time and speed each week, if you walk 3-5 times a week.
4. Drink two quarts of water every day. Water helps to flush out the toxins and the fat that your body is trying to expel. If you don’t drink enough water, you won’t be helping your body do it’s job.
5. Eat only organic produce and meat. If you are on a modified weight loss program that allows for food consumption, only eat organic which means without antibiotics and chemicals. If you’re goal is to lose weight, determine to eat healthy as well.

If you would like more information on our weight loss programs, contact us today. We’re experts on what will help you be successful in losing the weight successfully.