1. Why You Should Try a Non Surgical Weight Loss Program First

    Are you desperate to lose weight, but are just at a loss for what to do? Have you tried countless fad diets and exercise routines with poor results? We understand how hard it is, especially if you are doing it alone. If you are considering surgery because you think nothing else will work, you need to try one of our effective weight loss programs first. You might be surprised what you can accomplis…Read More

  2. How Appetite Suppressants Can Enhance Your Weight Loss Program

    The biggest factor in weight gain is taking in too many calories. There is a lot of tempting food out there and most of us take advantage, but this can lead to being overweight and unhealthy. Sometimes diet and exercise plans don't work, especially when you are trying to do it by yourself. A medically supervised weight loss program could be the answer you are looking for. Having support when you n…Read More

  3. Why a Weight Loss Program Will Work For You   

    If you have struggled with your weight for some time, you know how hard it is to lose actual pounds. There are a number of reasons why so many of us have a difficult time dieting and exercising to reach the number on the scale we want and stay healthy. Everyone is incredibly busy now days. We eat on the run, and don't stay active enough in the right ways. It is extremely hard to lose weight when y…Read More

  4. Losing Weight Fast

    Most of us want to lose a little weight and have tried countless diet and exercise programs with little to no success. One of the hardest things about losing weight is not seeing results fast enough. It's so hard to feel motivated to diet and exercise if you don't see any difference. Sometimes, it's a big event like a wedding, vacation, or graduation that gives you that urgency to lose weight fast…Read More

  5. It’s Time To Show-off Your Legs, Not Your Cellulite

    It’s not quite bathing suit season yet, but it is time to start thinking about it. You have been working out, drinking your water, taking your supplements, and are ready to go shopping for those short shorts and bikini bottoms, but then you notice something – you’ve have cellulite all over your thighs and buttocks. Don’t fret because you are not alone. Almost all women, and even some men h…Read More

  6. The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal 

    Here at Pierce Clinic, we want to provide you with services that make you feel beautiful, but we also want to make sure they do more than that. We want them to make your quality of life better. That is why we offer laser hair removal as one of our aesthetic services. There are many benefits to this procedure, and knowing them will help you make the decision if it’s right for you. It will elimina…Read More

  7. Are you ready to start a weight loss program?

    As life happens, it’s easy to put your health on the back burner. Months and years go by and you put on a few pounds here, a few pounds there. Before you know it, you weigh more than you ever have. The worst part is, most of the time you don’t even realize it until you are too tired and rundown to do anything effectively about it. Fortunately, there are weight loss programs available. Maybe yo…Read More

  8. The Cycle Of Weight Gain and Fat Shaming

    By: Pierce Medical Clinic  Even though it can take the shape of belittlement or overt harassment, it commonly takes more subtle and insidious forms. Overweight and obese individuals face discrimination in dining establishments, retail facilities and even doctor's workplaces varying from advising glances to being outright ignored. And despite the fact that this type of mistreatment is inappropriat…Read More

  9. Better Protein Choices – Does Is Fuel Cancer?

    When picking your "better" protein source, it depends upon what you suggest by the word "much better". Specific proteins are more focused than others. Beans, for instance, are 20 % protein, however eggs are 34 % protein, and nuts are less than 20 % protein Each of the foods above do have their own special nutritional strengths in addition to being a protein source such as healthy fats, fiber as we…Read More

  10. Do Appetite Suppressants Work?

    At Pierce Clinic, our appetite suppressant program is a favorite amongst our patients! Need help curbing your appetite? This program is perfect for you! We use FDA authorized appetite suppressants that can only be recommended by a doctor. One tablet each early morning along with healthy eating habits will certainly have you on your method to shedding those additional pounds! As you start to lose w…Read More