It might surprise you to find that millions of Americans suffer from heavy metal poisoning. These instances can occur in places that you may not even realize. Even if you eat right and exercise on a regular basis, you may still be exposed to the toxins. Here are a few ways your body can be exposed to heavy metal poisoning, and what Chelation Therapy can do to safely remove them from your body.

How do toxins get in the body?   

Heavy metal poisons can enter the body by being absorbed into the skin, inhaled through the mouth and other mucus cavities, and ingested by acts such as eating and breathing. Some people know that they are putting toxins in their body by smoking cigarettes or working in factories that are open about the amount of heavy metal poisons that are used in their daily activities.

What are some specific examples of ingesting heavy metals?

Natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes can cause the earth to shift and move in a way that causes the natural poison, arsenic, to be forced into the air in large amounts. It exists in many of rocks and soils and can naturally enter our water and food sources, and our air. Many commercial deodorants will contain small amounts of aluminum that will enter through your skin when you apply it. And that is only a few of the many examples.

Some large manufacturers emit mercury into the air we inhale. Soon it finds its way to our water sources. Once the fish consume it, and we eat the fish, then small amounts of mercury will enter our body. Pregnant woman are advised not to eat certain types of fish because of this poison. Volcanoes can also emit mercury into the air naturally. Mercury has been linked to many different cancers and the removal of it from the body should be taken seriously. If you have older, silver fillings, you might be surprised to find that you may be exposed to mercury through these.

What is the best way to prevent toxins in the body?

If you’re like many Americans, you want to prevent your body from having to combat these toxins that can enter your body through the air, water, and food. Chelation Therapy is going to be one of the best options to do this. It works with the body to remove heavy metals by binding with them, and then helping them exit in a natural way. By taking proactive steps in your health, you can prevent many diseases that toxins can cause. Don’t wait another day to start your treatment.

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