You’re probably familiar with Botox and all of the benefits it has to offer, but you may not have heard of Dysport. Dysport is also an FDA-approved injectable that can improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. And although it hasn’t been in the US for very long (it’s been around since 2009), it has been very predominant in Europe for quite some time. However, you may have a few questions about whether it is right for you and what the benefits are and the results will be. Here we’ll dig into a few of these issues so that you make the best decision for you.

What are the Dysport benefits?

Many of the Dysport benefits are similar to Botox such as reducing the look of deep lines, wrinkles, and other trouble spots around the face. Smooth and youthful looking skin can boost confidence, and many of us strive for this as we age and go through changes in our weight.

One of the primary benefits of Dysport though is that many people see results quicker than Botox. This gives those who have an upcoming event an advantage because they don’t need to factor in as much time as they would with Botox. It can also help those who have developed a tolerance to Botox and don’t see the results as they once did. Of course, you’ll still get the prolonged results with Dysport (in fact they last a little longer), and you’ll get them at a lower cost.

Where will I see the benefits?

Many people use Dysport for lips because it is easy to develop smile and frown lines over time that can be very defined. Targeting under eyes is also a common trouble spot that can be improved when investing in the injectable. You’ll love the results you see around the eyes, and you can expect to see the smooth skin for around four to six months before making another appointment. Results will vary though depending on your individual needs and we always take those into account.

You can also see the Dysport results if you target your brows. A brow lift can make a huge difference in gaining that youthful and flawless appearance that so many of us strive for. No matter what area you choose to target, you’ll love the ease and longevity that this particular treatment has when compared to Botox. It will also complement other efforts you make such as weight loss and a new wardrobe. If you’re ready to give yourself a summer makeover, consider the results that Dysport has to offer.

Are you ready for Dysport results?

If you’re ready to see the results of Dysport or have any questions about how it compares to Botox, then give the professionals at Pierce Medical Clinic a call, or come by the clinic in Overland Park. We proudly service Overland Park and Kansas City and are ready to help you make the most of your weight loss, health, and aesthetic endeavors. We’re with you every step of the way!