If you had asked “what is IV vitamin therapy?” 10 years ago, there’s a good chance that someone would have maybe stumbled out an answer. People could probably have deduced that it was a way to get vitamins intravenously, but didn’t really have a solid answer as to what it actually does.

Pierce Medical Clinic in Overland Park offers IV vitamin therapy as an option for people who are interested in experiencing its many potential health benefits. But what exactly is IV vitamin therapy? Does it hurt? Can it be harmful? Is it for anyone? And does it really help hangovers? Pierce Medical Clinic will explain all in our blog — stay with us as we sort through fact from fiction, and schedule your appointment with our weight loss clinic and wellness center today!

Myth #1: IV vitamin therapy is painful.

Of course, the idea of getting needles stuck into your veins is never fun. Our medical professionals are highly qualified and experienced in providing this treatment option, so the chances for severe pain are quite slim. While you will feel a little prick, many people report that the fear of needles is what causes more anxiety than the actual treatment.

Some have reported that they might feel a little lightheaded when the treatment begins, but if that’s the case, your drip flow can be decreased, which can help you feel fine and normal almost immediately.

Myth #2: The procedure takes a long time.

Even if the needles and IV bags are the same, IV vitamin therapy is nothing like staying at a hospital. Times can vary, but some people might go through a bag of solution in 10-15 minutes or so. Needless to say, this can be a relatively quick procedure, and rarely requires any downtime afterwards.

Myth #3: Only people with hangovers can benefit.

Celebrities have tended to point to IV vitamin therapy as the ultimate hangover cure, it’s true. This is because of the rehydrating process, as well as the overall boost in vitamins. However, there are a number of potential benefits that can work for practically anyone — and for the best news of all, you don’t have to spend a night of heavy drinking to experience them.

Past recipients of IV vitamin therapy have reported feeling more energetic, improvements in their eyesight, a better ability to tackle illness, and even a decrease in muscle spasms. To be clear, the proven benefits of IV vitamin therapy are still being researched, but these are testimonials of many who claim to feel incredible as a result of this procedure.

Myth #4: If you’re taking vitamins, you can’t do IV therapy.

Too many vitamins is a bad thing, right? While too much of a good thing is usually thought of in a negative sense, the same doesn’t quite apply for vitamins. For starters, when you take vitamin supplements, your body can usually only retain part of them — this is why you’ll see insane amounts of nutrients in each one, such as “240% Vitamin C.” They simply don’t “stick,” per se, to your body where it counts, and the vitamins that aren’t absorbed are excreted from your system.

With vitamin therapy, your body fully absorbs these nutrients, meaning that you’ll finally be getting the vitamins you need. However, it’s still probably a good idea to talk with the medical professionals at Pierce about any vitamins you’ve taken, just to be sure.

Myth #5: IV therapy is a hoax.

As we mentioned, there is not a lot of substantial, proven evidence that IV vitamin therapy works. We know that people have reported feeling a boost in energy and their immune system, and overall, simply feel better. We also know that at least 10 percent of the population do not receive enough essential vitamins and nutrients, making them vitamin deficient. Regardless of what science is currently saying (or what it’s not saying), those who have received it have spoken highly of its benefits.

All this means is that there’s no better time for you try it! Getting IV vitamin therapy could leave you feeling better than you’ve felt in a long time, and Pierce Medical Clinic is experienced in providing safe treatments that can make a difference. Try IV therapy out for yourself — schedule a visit with our clinic today!