If losing weight is on your list of resolutions, there is no better time to get started than right now and the first step is choosing the type of program you want to follow. Medical weight loss is a favorite choice for men and women because it’s effective, straightforward, and you see results that last. Even if you don’t plan on beginning the program immediately, here are a few reasons you should get started right now!

You’ll have a solid commitment on the calendar

By schedule the free consultation at Pierce Medical, you’ll have the commitment on the calendar that you are going to discuss your weight loss plans. Treat this consultation with medical weight loss doctors as part of your strategy and take notes and bring questions. Have your goals prepared ahead of time so that you are guided towards the best solution for you. Your medical history will be examined, and you’ll discuss the different diets that you’re a good candidate for.

One example of an option is the HCG diet. It is a very low-calorie diet that will help reduce the amount of fat in your body while protecting the muscle. However, if you find that your lifestyle isn’t conducive with the forty day period, then you can learn more about our customized fasting programs that will work with your meals whether you eat out often with colleagues or you don’t want to disrupt family meals. And that’s just two of the medical weight loss diets you’ll discuss!

You’ll be held accountable

Once you’ve met with the doctors for the free consultation and have decided on a plan, you’ll now have a better time frame and more defined goals. You’ll see those pressing (and exciting) dates on the calendar for when your appointments are to track your progress, and these will help motivate you to stay focused. You’ll have more than yourself or a friend to answer to, so you’ll think twice before slipping up and grabbing that soda or second dessert.

You’ll have professional weight loss guidance

Weight loss can seem so simple until you really start to plan your meals and grocery lists. Having guidance during this time will cut out a lot of research and headaches, and the sooner you make that first appointment, the better! Plus, once you reach your goals and you no longer need to be on a medical weight loss program, doctors can help you keep those pounds off for good. They’ll give you nutritional advice that will keep your energy levels high and your fridge stocked with the right food.

It’s affordable, and you’ll finally see results!

Medical weight loss is more affordable than you may realize and when you actually see the results, it’s worth it! If you want to learn more about the cost, process, diet programs, and how our friendly team at Pierce Medical can help turn your weight loss goals into a reality, call today for a free consultation. We can be reached at 913-286-7988 or by filling out the simple contact form online. We look forward to helping those in Kansas City and Overland Park lose weight this year and keep it off for good!