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Our Clinical Weight management Program includes a thorough initial medical and lifestyle consultation with detailed plans for long term planning and follow-up. Programs include either individual or group dietary and behavioral instructions related to metabolic testing, testimonial of individual clinical conditions, or eating habits which either cause or are affected by weight and the development of individual workout programs.

We have a clinical physician who focuses on establishing programs for long term weight-loss management. The strategy is to integrate individual weight history, genetic background, social scenarios and present stress factors along with comprehensive traditional evaluations of medications, and medical issues into one approach.

Every day there are brand-new challenges. Weight management tools are changing. Present medical treatment of excess weight and weight-related diseases utilizes lots of treatment options including, but not limited to: nutritional education, medications, meal replacements, behavioral life technique devices, meal planning, and obviously, exercise. No strategy works in a vacuum.  Food options and life stress factors influence us almost everyday. Everyone has a special story. Everyone is different and everybody deserves their own personalized program.

We invite anybody who has a weight concern and hopes to obtain a sense of control over time with all the elements of his/her weight concerns. Call (913) 295-8711 for an initial examination. Kindly bring your present list of medications, any current lab and any substantial clinical paperwork. We will work with you and your routine primary care physician, exercise specialists, nutritional experts, psychologists, and other specialized carriers as needed. It could appear daunting to solve this issue but it is completely possible to handle it. We will help you handle this persistent condition and have a good time while doing so.

Some factors of Medical Weight Management to think about:

Medical evaluations of weight related conditions

Lots of medical conditions get worse with more weight adding up. Some are metabolic conditions like diabetes and some are movement diseases as knee pain and osteoarthritis. The understanding and treatment of weight and existing together diseases goes hand in hand.

Medications for weight-loss

Hunger can be distracting. Medications can help us take control of our appetite and urges while we concurrently put other lifestyle approaches into place. Medications work best when used as part of a detailed weight management plan.

Review of medications which trigger weight gain

Numerous medications meant to treat common illness such as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, arthritic conditions, and seizures can contribute to weight gain. There could be alternative medications or ways to solve the illness processes so as to use less medicine in general. We will work with your doctor to suggest different strategies.

Metabolic profiling and evaluation for lack of nutrition

One can be severely overweight and malnourished due to an overuse of carbohydrates, and convenience foods. Clients who have actually had a weight management surgical treatment or for other reason have actually taken in too couple of calories and vitamins or those who vomited frequently are likewise at a very high risk for malnutrition. Feeling of tiredness, achy joints, or even balance problems may be due to vitamin deficiency.

Meal replacement alternatives

Study reveals that pre-packaged nutritionally well balanced low calorie food selections assist to preserve weight loss and can be a pillar of weight-loss success. Non-prescription are used based on individual patient requirements. We assist each individual with every meal replacement technique.

Individual meal planning

Planning ahead makes it simpler to deal with the stressors of the day without compromising the benefits of well-balanced diet. Meal planning in addition to food logs could be made use of to improve self- responsibility in addition to nutritional awareness.

Behavioral training in weight control: mindful eating

Altering how one eats, comprehending one’s consuming habits and understanding head hunger vs. metabolic needs is crucial. It is essential to find out the best ways to manage unavoidable stress and life-changing events without over-eating or cutting down on activity. We all have to practice and fine tune these skills to develop a kind and safe individual approach.

Nutrition planning devices

Part of conscious eating is to read labels, menus and general food composition while keeping in mind on how to use this understanding into one’s hectic life style and one’s household choices too. Holiday and special occasions can be a barrier to weight reduction and weight management, so planning is essential. We have the ability to provide lower-calorie options to your favorite foods to assist you take pleasure in time with family and friends without feeling denied.

Certain populations

Diabetics, patients with insulin resistance, females with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), or with a history of gestational diabetes have special situations related to glucose (sugar) metabolism. We work intensively with you to establish safe low calorie and very low carb meal plans which often appear to jump start and accelerate weight management while preserving glucose control.