Women can lose up to 22 pounds per month. Men can lose up to 30 pounds per month. By using our nutritionally balanced supplements, you will lose weight the healthy way. Our Total Fasting Program is ideal for peoplewho want to LOSE WEIGHT FAST! You could lose as much as 30 pounds the first month.

With Pierce Medical Clinic, you can achieve your weight loss goal, not only quickly, but safely! What are you waiting for, give us a call today. You could be our next success story.

Benefits of Total Fasting at Pierce Medical Clinic

  • Simple to follow guidelines
  • Burn fat – Not muscle
  • Medically supervised
  • Nutritionally balanced
  • No calories or portions to count
  • Fast and easy to prepare products
  • Great selection of supplements
  • Ideal for people with busy lifestyles


Women can lose up to 18 pounds per month. Men can lose up to 22 pounds per month.

The Modified Fasting program is a combination of our great tasting supplements along with a lean meal to offer you the flexibility you need to stay with a program that works.

You may choose to eat your meal for lunch or dinner, either way we guarantee that you can fit this program into your lifestyle fasting programsuccessfully.


Women can lose up to 12 pounds per month. Men can lose up to 15 pounds per month.

Benefits of our 2+2 Program

  • Tailored to your specific lifestyle
  • Easy to follow program
  • Ideal for people who like to dine out
  • Delicious shakes and bars
  • Tailored to your specific

These were formulated in the 1970’s to promote rapid weight loss under medical supervision, using nutritionally balanced meal replacements to stay within a 600-900 calorie diet. This type of program advocates a high protein plan which is important to have your body burn its own fat for energy, while not damaging the surrounding muscle.

In 1983, our Nurse Practitioner opened Pierce Medical Clinic, the first medical practice to offer these programs to men and women in the Kansas City area. Since that time, people have realized how successful these types of programs are and have come to us to help them reach their weight loss goals, whether it is 15 or 150 pounds.

Men and women drink or eat 6-8 meal replacements a day, which replaces all of their well balanced meals using our Total Fasting program. With the Modified Fasting program you eat 1 lean meal every day, allowing for more flexibility.

When they reach their goal, we then start very slowly to readjust their system to real food again, this is normally between 3-4 weeks. Our maintenance program, in our opinion, in the most important phase of your weight loss program. You have worked hard for your progress, it is so vital to maintain what you have accomplished.

Total Fasting expected weight loss:

Men 15-30 lbs/mo – Women 12-20 lbs/mo

Modified Fasting expected weight loss:

Men 12-20 lbs/mo – Women 8-15 lbs/mo

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