In the 1950’s Dr. Simeon discovered that with a low calorie diet, high in lean protein, and a daily injection of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin women and men could lose a significant amount of weight and feel good while they did it. It works by elevating the hormone levels in your body, including testosterone, which in return give your metabolism an extra boost and ensures that you are not losing muscle.

It also suppresses most appetites making it a little bit easier to say no to “junk food” and keeping you on track with your program.

In 2008, our Nurse Practitioner began to offer a pharmaceutical grade, medically compounded injectable HCG at Pierce Medical Clinic and it quickly became our most popular. Since that time, we have helped men and women to lose weight and keep it off. Our program is 40 days on it, with a 3 week maintenance period after. We feel maintenance is often the most overlooked aspect of losing weight, but should not be. This program can be flexible with either choosing to eat real food, drinking all protein shakes or a combination of both.

It metabolizes fat in your body and helps to curb your appetite. Our program is Physician supervised and includes but not limited to checking hormone levels, extensive lab work up EKG, and body analysis.

You can lose up to 1 pound a day within a 40 day cycle while following a 500 calorie a day diet, coupled with 85-100 grams of protein daily. We use only Pharmaceutical grade, which you can choose to have in injection or sub lingual tablet form. We encourage weekly office visits for your own accountability, where we will do blood pressure checks, weigh ins and one on one counseling.

After your 40 day cycle is over, we put you on a 3 week maintenance program where we will teach you to slowly raise your caloric intake each week to meet your metabolism. Therefore, at the end of your program you will know how to maintain your weight loss in your everyday life.

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