Are ThermiSmooth® Treatments Right For You?

Investing in your skin is exciting because it can complement weight loss efforts, enhance new wardrobes, and boost your confidence with a youthful and fresh look. Over time our skin naturally ages due to our environment, lifestyle choices, and the daily stress we put on ourselves. However, there is a way to regain smooth skin that looks radiant, and one treatment that gives those beautiful results is called ThermiSmooth Face. Our women’s health center can help you get the potential look and feel you desire when it comes to your skin. Here’s what you can expect when you enlist the professionals at Pierce Medical Clinic to enhance your skin with ThermiSmooth:

Areas that can be treated:

Each of us has our own trouble spots on our face that we want to correct, and this skin smoothing treatment could help target around the cheeks, eyes, forehead, and mouth, as well as give you a sleek and more youthful neck. You’ll want to speak with the specialists at our women’s health center to let us know what your goals are for the treatment, and we’ll guide you through the different ways in which it could improve your skin. Of course, you’ll want to be realistic about your results and expectations, and that’s why it’s vital that you discuss this ahead of time with our women’s health center.

What to expect from ThermiSmooth treatments:

ThermiSmooth stimulates collagen using a radio frequency energy, controlled by a specialist from our women’s health center who is trained in this gentle heating method of reducing fine lines and wrinkles. You won’t require any downtime, so you can put the appointment for the treatments on your calendar when it’s convenient for you. It’s a very gentle procedure, as well as being non-invasive, so you won’t have to worry about having to take time off to recover. Most people find they get the best results with three to six sessions.

Results you can see

Once your sessions are complete, you’ll notice the results (and so will those around you). If you want to learn more about what you can expect from the series of ThermiSmooth treatments, look at before and after photos, and talk to the specialists at our women’s health center about what people are saying. People from all walks of life have taken the time to get skin smoothing treatments—professionals that want an edge over their competitors, people that are getting back into the dating world, and parents with a busy schedule are just some examples. Whatever your reasons, you’ll love that you get the results that will leave you confident with the way you look.

How to get started:

When you’re ready to begin looking your very best, then contact the friendly professionals at Pierce Medical Clinic for a free consultation where you can get more information. Simply call 913-286-7988 or fill out our contact form online. Our weight loss clinic and women’s health center proudly serves the Kansas City and Overland Park community, and we always put your health first. When you want to get real results for smoother and more youthful looking skin, then don’t waste another minute! We’re here to guide you through the process, answer your questions, and be the skin smoothing solution you’ve been waiting for.

Before & Afters – ThermiSmooth® Face