1. Getting Your Body Ready For Summer

    As spring break rolls around and summer catches up right behind it, it’s no surprise that so many people are thinking about how they can look and feel their best. We’ll all (hopefully) be outside more. The days at the lake and the pool, the nights out on the town, the shorter and breezier clothes — these are things that many people look forward to, and just as many people think of with fear …Read More

  2. Emotional Eating FAQs

    It’s been a tough day. Your boss snapped at you in front of others. Your significant other said something rude and insensitive. The bills are piling up. It could be all of these things or even just one, but they’re all valid reasons for why you’re feeling down. As a result of being upset, you turn to something that has always made you feel better: food. Emotional eating affects millions of p…Read More

  3. Pushing Through With Your Diet

    For anyone who hasn’t suddenly had to give up food, consider yourself lucky. Millions of Americans struggle with their diet. From eliminating certain foods to going for healthier alternatives, changes in our diet are hard. Food affects how we feel, it’s a comfort for us all, and to suddenly have to eliminate things that make us feel good and taste delicious is beyond challenging. And yet, maki…Read More

  4. Why You Should Invest in Medical Weight Loss Now!

    If losing weight is on your list of resolutions, there is no better time to get started than right now and the first step is choosing the type of program you want to follow. Medical weight loss is a favorite choice for men and women because it's effective, straightforward, and you see results that last. Even if you don't plan on beginning the program immediately, here are a few reasons you should …Read More

  5. Why Consider Medical Weight Loss

    Millions of people try to lose weight on their own every year, only to find that their efforts produce little results, and in some cases will cause them to gain more weight over time. Here at Pierce Medical, we offer medical weight loss treatments to help move you in the right direction and stay at that healthy number on the scale that you've been striving for — we have clinics in Overland Park …Read More