1. 4 Ways to Stay Motivated During Your Diet

    Making the decision to start a diet can be an exciting time. You begin looking at your schedule, making plans, and you're motivated for that first morning of your new life to begin. But then things get in the way like your office celebrating a coworker's birthday with pizza and cake, your husbands filling your home with the aroma of fried chicken, and that cupboard loaded with salty and crunchy sn…Read More

  2. How to Choose a Weight Loss Program That’s Perfect For You

    There are tons of weight loss programs out there today, and each of them offers something different. What works for some people may not work for you, and when you’re searching for a plan to lose weight, there are a few things to take into consideration. Here we'll explore what to look for in a weight loss program that's right for you. Involve a professional If you’re serious about getting the …Read More

  3. 5 Steps to Start Losing Weight Today

    It's the perfect time to start losing weight because those hot summer months are just far enough away to give you an advantage. These winter months provide an excellent opportunity to focus on your health, without having to worry about the fitted and tight clothing of the summer. If you're ready to get started today on your weight loss venture, here are five steps to help you begin. #1: Set your w…Read More

  4. It’s Not Too Late to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality

    Just because the year is in its final few months of 2015, doesn’t mean that you should give up on the resolution that you started back in January. If your goal this year was to lose weight and get the body you have been wanting, then you still have time. By getting started now, you’ll be at or close to your desired weight by Christmas or earlier. Then at New Year's, you can make a different re…Read More

  5. Give Your Weight Loss Achievements a Boost This Summer

    When you finally find the right weight loss program to improves your look, and gives you the lasting results you've been craving, it can feel great! But for a lot of us, weight loss is only the beginning. You get the excitement of going shopping for a new wardrobe and finally have the opportunity to walk by the pool in a bikini. You may even ask someone you've had a crush on out on a date. However…Read More

  6. 4 Reasons to Start a Weight Loss Program With a Friend

    Often, when we are overweight and not feeling like ourselves, we have a friend or two who are going through the same self-image issues as us. While this may be something that you talk about with your friend when you need motivation to stick to your diet, you can actually be doing so much more than verbally supporting one another. Here are a few reasons why starting a weight loss program with a fri…Read More

  7. Why You Shouldn’t Diet Alone

    With summer underway you may have found that you’ve started your diet a little late in the game. It’s okay, don’t worry, you still have time to get your body in shape before bathing suit season is over. Pierce Medical Clinic of Overland Park is here to help you with that. It’s easy to say you are going to start a diet, but many people stop there because they haven’t made a plan. Here are…Read More

  8. How to Start Your Successful Weight Loss Program Today!

    So you have been trying to lose weight for years with no luck. Like many people trying to lose weight, you hit the high notes some weeks, and then you go through those low periods and bad days as well. But for some reason you just aren’t getting the results you have been working towards. Involving someone to help in your weight loss journey can be one of the most valuable tools you can get in a …Read More

  9. Why You Should Try a Non-Surgical Weight Loss Program First

    Are you desperate to lose weight, but are just at a loss for what to do? Have you tried countless fad diets and exercise routines with poor results? We understand how hard it is, especially if you are doing it alone. If you are considering surgery because you think nothing else will work, you need to try one of our effective weight loss programs first. Consider stopping by our weight loss clinic h…Read More

  10. How Appetite Suppressants Can Enhance Your Weight Loss Program

    The biggest factor in weight gain is taking in too many calories. There is a lot of tempting food out there and most of us take advantage, but this can lead to being overweight and unhealthy. Sometimes diet and exercise plans don't work, especially when you are trying to do it by yourself. A medically supervised weight loss program could be the answer you are looking for — please, consider stopp…Read More