So you have been trying to lose weight for years with no luck. Like many people trying to lose weight, you hit the high notes some weeks, and then you go through those low periods and bad days as well. But for some reason you just aren’t getting the results you have been working towards.

Involving someone to help in your weight loss journey can be one of the most valuable tools you can get in a program. If you live in or around the Kansas City area, then Pierce Medical Clinic has a program that will get you ready for swimsuit season. They offer the HCG diet and here are a few answers to questions you may have.

What HGC?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin works with the natural hormones in your body by elevating them. This gives a boost to your metabolism and helps to keep your muscles strong so you don’t risk losing them. By pairing an injection of HGC with a specialized diet and exercise plan, you will see the weight loss results that will get you to your goals.

How long does it last?

When you choose Pierce Medical Clinic to guide you through the HGC diet then you will have 40 days on the program, and then a three week maintenance period to help prevent you from gaining the weight back. The experts here will be available to help you find solutions for eating properly when you are off the strict plan. This is crucial step when you want the results of your weight loss success to last.

Why does it work?

The HGC diet works because it while it metabolizes fat, it helps reduce your appetite. Some people tend to feel hungry all of the time and many people, especially if they live with other people, have options in the cabinets that are unhealthy and easy to snack on. You may find that you graze on all of your snacks when you are feeling bored or frustrated.

This program also works because you will be under the supervision of a physician. While it can be easy to drop a few pounds on your own, it often doesn’t last, or you just don’t make it all of the way through the diet. Included someone to help you drop those unwanted pounds gives you a much higher rate for success.

Has it been proven?

The HCG diet has been around since the 1950s and it has proven itself over and over again by helping men and women lose weight and then keep it off. There are new diets popping up all over the place, and some of them can be disproven in the same year that they came out. And while it can be easy to want to try all of these trending weight loss strategies, going with a plan that has been around for decades and involves a professional that helps you along they way, gives you all of the tools you need to be successful.

If you are in the Kansas City area, and are ready to get your body ready for the summer months, then call Pierce Medical Clinic. We offer you a free consultation so you can ask any pressing questions about the plan and decide if it is exactly what you need! Our weight loss clinic is located in Overland Park, and we serve our neighbors throughout the Kansas City area.