Weight loss is something that many people think about and plan for — nearly 75 percent of men and 60 percent of women in the U.S. are overweight or obese. There are a number of reasons people attempt to lose weight, improving self-esteem in their body and improving health as a whole are two of the biggest ones. Most people have some idea of how they want to look and feel, and yet, most people also don’t know how to make that happen.

Setting goals is one of the most important parts in beginning any type of journey, and attempting to lose weight is no exception. Pierce Medical Clinic is a weight loss clinic that offers a number of programs to help people put their goals into action, but before that can even happen, having a solid understanding of goal-setting is crucial to one’s success. We’re taking some time to talk about goals in today’s blog — find some tips in our post, and contact our weight loss clinic to start seeing the results you’ve always dreamed of.

Be Reasonable

It can be so easy to get caught up in this grandiose plan of weight loss goals. Many have a picture in mind of how they’d like to look in x amount of days, and then feel disappointed when that doesn’t happen. Experiencing setbacks from goals that aren’t met can negatively impact the rest of your weight loss journey, which is why it’s so necessary to, from the start, set goals that are actually attainable.

To start off, make small goals that have nothing to do with the numbers. Maybe this means eating a salad one more day a week than you normally do, or plan on eating out one day less. It could also be committing to walking every day during your lunch break, even if it’s only for five minutes. Remember that something is always better than nothing, and starting out small is a great way to gain some confidence and momentum in setting your sights on something a bit bigger.

Focus Less On the Numbers

More often than not, people think about the number of pounds they want to lose when setting a weight loss goal. While admirable, this says nothing about an overall lifestyle change — which is easily the most authentic and important way to make a lasting difference. Say you want to lose 18 pounds, and you end up doing it. That’s great! But what are you going to do afterwards? What are your plans for keeping that weight off? Are the things that you had been doing sustainable, as in, will you be able to maintain that specific regimen after you’ve reached your target weight?

There is a time and place to think about the numbers, such as if a doctor or medical professional advise you to get to a certain weight. But for the most part, make goals more lifestyle-oriented instead of number-focused, and you’ll likely see more results — and they’ll be results that last.

Think About Overall Progress

As we briefly mentioned, setbacks can negatively impact your overall success and progress. And we get it — nothing is more disappointing than feeling like a failure. But one of the most important things to remember, at all times, is that progress is not linear. Gaining a pound or two when you had so consistently been losing weight does not mean you’re on a downward spiral, or that you’re a failure. In fact, the only time someone fails is when they give up completely, and think that change is never possible.

Take the setbacks as they come up (and they will come up, because nothing is perfect) for what they are: a step back. It doesn’t mean you’re off the path completely, it’s just a moment of stagnation or lack of growth — none of which mean you’re not progressing. Make a point to always think about overall growth instead of focusing on one such area where it didn’t happen.

Reflect Consistently

Having goals are great, but they do nothing if you don’t check in on them (and check in on yourself, too). As you’re setting goals, it’s essential to bring time into your schedule to reflect on where you’re at. Are these goals still working for you, or do they need tweaking? What are you doing to hit these goals? What’s working, and what’s not? Especially whenever you experience a setback, take those moments as an opportunity for reflection, and use that reflection to propel you forward.

Consult With the Pros

When we want to become great at anything, we look to those who already have the answers. This could be as simple as asking questions on Google, or asking your friend for that amazing stuffed pepper recipe. Similarly, there’s something to be said about consulting with a weight loss clinic when you’re trying to reach your goals. Our team at Pierce Medical Clinic won’t only help you set some goals or help you refine your existing ones, we also provide consultations with each of our patients to get an in-depth medical analysis. This helps us formulate the best possible plan to help you get the results you’re looking for.

Pierce Medical Clinic is Overland Park’s weight loss center of choice, offering incredible options and programs for every individual who walks through our doors. By starting with Pierce, there’s potential to see the results you’ve always wanted, but not known how to achieve. Schedule your consultation with Pierce Medical Clinic today.