Often, when we are overweight and not feeling like ourselves, we have a friend or two who are going through the same self-image issues as us. While this may be something that you talk about with your friend when you need motivation to stick to your diet, you can actually be doing so much more than verbally supporting one another. Here are a few reasons why starting a weight loss program with a friend can improve results and make the experience more meaningful.

You both have the same goals.

At Pierce Medical Clinic, we understand that ever person is unique to their dieting goals and the weight loss program they want to be part of. However, one thing that each person has in common is that they want to lose weight and gain a healthy self-image and body. When you and a friend enlist in a program together, then you both come to the table with the same mind-set and determination. This helps to rev up the energy you need to get going, and then continue to stay on track.

You hold each other accountable.

It’s amazing how many things we’ll do for others, but not for ourselves. That is why having a buddy join you on your weight loss journey can improve how engaged you are in the program. When you have someone who holds you accountable and is on the same path as you, more often than not you don’t want to let them down, and in the same vein, they don’t want to let you down either.

A buddy makes it more fun.

There is nothing like watching the weight fall off, and having a friend who is just as excited about as you are can it make it even more fun. Also, they know better than to reward your success by taking you out to a heavy meal. They’ll be ready to go shopping for new outfits with you and hang out by the pool, instead of indulging in chocolate or other treats we are so used to being the reward for a job well done.

It’s important to be surrounded by the right people.

Many people will be supportive of you when you have made the decision to take control of your life and lose the extra weight that you have put on. However, a lot of those people won’t understand exactly what the struggles are that come with self-discipline and determination. Having a diet buddy will ensure that you have someone who understands the specific problems and emotional issues that can arise when working towards your goals.

Choose the right person.

When you are choosing a buddy to start a weight loss program at Pierce Medical Clinic, you want to pick someone who is going to be honest with you, and that you can also be honest with. You want someone who is determined and has the desire to drop the excess weight they have.

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