You’ve gone through your options of weight loss programs in Kansas City, and after your free consultation at Pierce Medical, you’ve found the one for you. That alone is pretty exciting because you know you are setting yourself up for success. But now that it’s go-time, we have a few tips that will help you succeed on your very low-calorie diet, as well as keep the weight off in the future.

#1: Have a pre-eating strategy before you go out

While it may not seem wise to have a snack before you go out where food will be served, it can actually save you from temptations when going through a plan for weight loss in Kansas City. At home, you can fill your belly with healthy options so that you aren’t hungry when you arrive and you can have a small amount of food at the event versus an oversized plate.

#2: Learn (just a little) more about cooking

If you are turned off by healthy food because you think it’s bland, then it’s time to learn a little more about cooking so that you can cook yourself healthy and delicious meals. Trust that weight loss in Kansas City can taste good!

#3: Write down why you want to lose weight

To help stay motivated during your very low-calorie diet and when you are maintaining your successful weight loss, write down the reasons why this is important to you. Do you get out of breath when you play with your kids or do household choirs? Are you trying to prevent a disease that runs in your family? Whatever your reasons, put them on paper and when you start to lose motivation, read them to remind yourself why you are doing this.

#4: Know the shelf life of your foods

One way to quickly relapse into old habits is when you buy fresh fruits, veggies, and proteins, and they go bad. When you wake up, and your healthy breakfast choices aren’t edible, then you may find yourself grabbing a quick fix at a gas station or drive thru before you start your day.

#5: Consider taking your own food

Now, even if you are trying a program for weight loss in Kansas City, you need to be mindful of etiquette. So for events like weddings, you shouldn’t bring food without talking to the host. However, for more casual events like football parties, potlucks, and birthday parties, you can bring a healthy dish or appetizer that you can share with the group.

#6: Keep the professionals involved

If you want to have a successful experience for weight loss, Kansas City has counted on Pierce Medical Clinic to make that happen. We are here to help you make those first steps towards a healthy lifestyle and will guide and motivate you through the process. Call 913-286-7988 or fill out the easy contact form online for your free, no-obligations consultation and we’ll find out what weight loss program you’re a good candidate for, and what you can expect throughout the process.