Getting older has plenty of perks, but there are also a number of health changes that can make life a little more difficult. Women and men both have their fair share of hormonal changes that can have some less-than-ideal side effects, but are all normal and simply a part of life.

As you start experiencing some of these symptoms, you might be looking for ways to better cope with these changes. Pierce Medical Clinic can help. We offer medical weight loss solutions that could help adults experiencing shifts in their hormones, as well as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and other services. Learn more about hormonal changes and what you can do about it, and make your appointment today with Pierce Medical Clinic in Overland Park!


Most people are familiar with menopause, the stage in a woman’s life where periods stop and the body is no longer able to get pregnant. According to WebMD, half of women in the US reach menopause before they turn 52. During this time of hormonal fluctuations, there are some common symptoms that affect many women, including:

  • Hot flashes
  • Irregular menstrual cycles — a woman might go months without a period, then having it return
  • Night sweats

While not every woman experiences these symptoms during menopause, most do. The great news is that there are treatment options available to help alleviate some of the negative side effects. BHRT can provide hormones, such as progesterone, to help make the transition through menopause easier.


While most know about menopause, the period of hormonal change in men known as andropause is not as well known. Andropause is not the same as menopause, and not all men experience this time where testosterone levels drop substantially. Men might experience decreased energy levels, as well as erectile dysfunction during this time, along with several other symptoms.

Similar to treatments for menopausal symptoms, men who are dealing with negative side effects of andropause may also qualify for hormone therapy. There are risks involved with increasing testosterone levels — a primary care physician will be able to offer more insight into this treatment option.

Hormonal Changes for Men and Women

Certain hormonal changes and symptoms are specific to biological gender — like how men are affected by a dip in testosterone levels and women are affected by changes in estrogen. However, there are changes that are similar for people in older age, regardless of gender:

Less Energy

Tasks that once took very little effort might now feel like they’re nearly impossible. Altered hormone levels can leave people feeling tired more quickly, or less able to keep up with their previous lifestyle.

Weight Fluctuations

Men and women during this time can be more susceptible to weight gain. Part of this is due to the loss of muscle mass, and part can be attributed to a lack of energy and other health issues that arise in older age — issues that can make it harder to keep up with diet and fitness. Additionally, thyroid disease, which affects 30 million Americans, can impact metabolism and lead to changes in weight.

Moodiness and Depression

Hormonal changes might simply make someone feel a bit moodier than usual, but they could also lead to depression. Particularly for people who have anxiety or depression before reaching this time of changing hormones, these symptoms can worsen. However, talking with a doctor can help keep anxiety and depression under control.

Low Libido

A drop in hormone levels can result in low libido. This can present itself as an overall lack of interest in sex, erectile dysfunction for men, and/or vaginal dryness for women. Speaking with a primary care physician could offer some possible treatments, and consulting with Pierce Medical Clinic is another way to see if hormone therapy is a viable option.

Hormonal changes can impact someone’s physical and emotional well-being, and this can be a very tough transition for anyone. But if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms in a negative manner, there are many treatment options available that could help you feel closer to “normal” once more. From treating weight loss due to hormonal changes to getting some of your energy back, Pierce Medical Clinic has solutions that could work for you. Schedule a visit with our Overland Park clinic to begin.