Are you desperate to lose weight, but are just at a loss for what to do? Have you tried countless fad diets and exercise routines with poor results? We understand how hard it is, especially if you are doing it alone. If you are considering surgery because you think nothing else will work, you need to try one of our effective weight loss programs first. Consider stopping by our weight loss clinic here in Overland Park — you might be surprised what you can accomplish with the right kind of support.

Surgery will take a long time to recover from and put your body under unnecessary stress. If you can lose weight surgery free, it’s definitely worth it. If you have done any kind of research for weight loss operations, you probably know you must meet certain guidelines before most surgeons will do weight loss procedures. Even if you are very much overweight, you still might not meet their strict criteria.

There are no minimum weight criteria when you begin a plan to shed unwanted pounds. While you are losing weight on one of our programs, you are also learning how to diet and exercise realistically within your lifestyle. One of the things that make fad diets and certain exercise routines fail, is that they don’t fit into your lifestyle and they can’t be transitioned into your life after you are finished with your diet. Our programs, which are designed and monitored by medical professionals, are proven to work.

Safely dropping those extra pounds and keeping them off is a lifestyle change for the better. Weight loss programs available at our clinic right here in Overland Park, Kansas City, will give you the results you are looking for with the support you need to keep the weight off.  

The program you and your doctor decide on will be tailored for you and your specific goals. So whether you want to lose a few pounds to look your best or you have to lose a lot weight to be healthier, these programs will help you do it.

Weight loss plans, which are medically supervised, are extremely successful. There are no guessing games. Trained doctors will make sure your weight loss is safe and you are getting everything you need to maintain a healthy diet. Doctors take into account your lifestyle, your habits, and your budget to design a program that will get you results. Medically trained professionals have the knowledge and the tools to help you lose weight more than any other type of program, routine, or diet.

If you are serious about wanting to lose the weight for good, call Pierce Medical Clinic at 913-286-7988 or reach out online for a free consultation. This will allow you to ask any questions or voice any concerns. We understand how difficult it is to lose weight on your own and we want to help. Our experienced doctors have already helped many people lose weight and lead a healthier life. So, before you think about surgery, try one of our medically supervised weight loss programs first! We’re located in Overland Park, and we provide weight loss programs for folks throughout the Kansas City metro area.